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 · Whether it’s a screw, bolt or stud, they are typically all made of a few different metals. This includes carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, nickel alloy and aluminum alloy. Manufacturers must use the highly quality metals to reduce the risk of cracking, rusting and other damage,

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appropriate and corresponding strength type. For example, bolts that attach a D-ring bracket to the bumper face of a vehicle would be critical in tension . So you would want to know what the tensile strength a particular bolt is. Bolts that attach winch-mounting plates are typically seeing mostly shear loads thus preventing the winch from departing

The bolt grip length charts linked below are especially handy when replacing non-AN bolts. Measure the total thickness of the parts being bolted together (not including washers, nut, or female threads). Locate the bolt diameter and grip length (total thickness) in the table to find the required dash size.

"Bolt Testing" generally describes using our hydraulic load cells to measure fastener performance as follows: Pre-Installation Veri.

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10.9 on a metric bolt indicates the hardness (or load, tensile strength, and hardness) of the bolt. This is almost as high as they get and is about the equivalent to a grade 8 SAE or USS bolt. 8.8.

 · 10 Tricks Engineers Need to Know About Fasteners You’d expect an engineer to know everything about a basic subject like nuts and bolts right? Well fasteners are one of those topics that seem simple at first but turn out to have much more depth than you expected.

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The lightning bolt on the dash means that there is a problem with the electronic throttle control system in your vehicle. Get a code reader and scan the engine for any logged codes. The light may be on for a glitch and the electronic throttle control system needs to be reset.

m5 thread size Usually, this concerns the sizes M3, M5 and increasingly also the size M7. Sizes for metric threads are stated in millimetres [mm]. Larger threads are designed as whitworth pipe threads. These pipe threads are then subdivided into two different designs (G-thread or R-thread). The size on Whitworth pipe threads in stated in inches ["].