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Socket set screws have the same purpose as a slotted set screw but can apply more torque when tightening. They are typically made from alloy steel per ASTM F912 the part is through hardened opposed to the case hardening on slotted set screws. They also come in stainless steel, brass, bronze and many other materials depending on the end use.

MSC offers a diverse collection of screws for your fastening operations. You’ll find everything from specialty styles like quarter turn screws, socket jam screws and captive screws to more traditional types like machine screws, masonry fasteners, cap screws and self-tapping wood and metal screws.

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Socket Head Screws With a deeper drive than flat and rounded head screws, socket head screws withstand more torque for a tighter hold. Install in a counterbored hole or above the surface.

Choose from our selection of socket head screws, steel hex head screws, hex drive flat head screws, and more. In stock and ready to ship.

Hex socket drive types have a hex-shaped recess in the head and are driven with hex keys or hex socket bits. The driving surface is protected from external damage and provides six sides of contact surface for added torque.

This chart contains information on number, metric and fractional number socket head cap screws, along with tap drill information. If all else fails, you may want to use our Drill Size Conversion Table or our Tap Drill Size Calculator.The information available from our sources is usually sufficient for all computer related drill or screw requirements world wide.

Established in 1971, Quality Socket Screw Manufacturing Corporation has a longstanding reputation for providing its customers with a vast variety of specialty fasteners and short run products made to custom specifications.

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A socket cap screw, also known as a socket head capscrew, socket screw, or Allen bolt, is a type of cap screw with a cylindrical head and hexagonal drive hole. The term socket head capscrew typically refers to a type of threaded fastener whose head diameter is nominally 1.5 times that of the screw shank ( major ) diameter, with a head height equal to the shank diameter (1960 series design).