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Weld Measuring Gauges from G.A.L. Gage Company, permit you to accurately check welds of varying sizes quickly and easily. You can measure Weld Throat Thickness, Butt Fillet Type Welds, Weld Length, Misalignments (High-Low), and much more depending upon the Gauge selected.

Standard Bolt Sizes Standard fasteners are basic industrial fasteners – square and hex bolts, cap screws, carriage bolts, plow bolts, lag screws, studs, nuts, rivets and others – which have been standardized over the years as to type’, style, usage, properties, dimensions and tolerances. These include a vast range of sizes and types

Different precision measuring tools are present in ship such as vernier callipers, Micrometer, feeler gauges, american wire gauge,awg, bridge.

If you do not have a wire gauge tool, you can still find a wire’s gauge by measuring it against another wire of known gauge size. For example, if you have a small-diameter section of wire, hold it next to wires of known gauge (e.g. 20, 21, and 22) to see which your segment matches.

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The gauge of a sheet of metal is a reference to how thick it is. The higher the numbered gauge a piece of metal is, the thicker the piece is in millimeters. If you want to find out what gauge your sheet metal is, measure its thickness using a regular tape measure.

Our net mesh measuring gauges are manufactured to high standards by using durable materials (brass and aluminium) and use a special engraving method to ensure the markings don’t scratch off. The method of marking the gauge means the markings will be in tact long after inferior surface markings have worn off.

A gauge or gage, in science and engineering, is a device used to make measurements or in order to display certain dimensional information. A wide variety of.

A gauge is a traditional, non-linear measurement. The most commonly used sheet metal sizes range from 30 gauge (thinner) to 7 gauge (thicker). A sheet metal gauge tool is used to measure metal thickness, and show both the gauge number as well as the thickness of the metal in thousandths of an inch.

Wire gauge, a measure of the size of a wire American wire gauge, a common measure of nonferrous wire diameter, especially electrical. Birmingham gauge, a measure of ferrous wire and hypodermic needle diameter. jewelry wire gauge, the size of wire used in jewelry making.

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Measuring instruments and gauges are used to measure various parameters such as clearance, diameter, depth, ovality, trueness, etc. These are critical engineering parameters, which describe the condition of the working machinery.

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