cbf 125 review

Affordable, light and agile, the 2013 Honda CBF 125 is ready to follow your lead with obedience. This compact motorcycle comes with a pretty sporty design language which underlines its nimble.

I bought a Honda cbf 125 brand new in 2009 which cost 1795 on the road. The same bike now would cost around 2500. I have owned larger bikes since passing my test in 2003.

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"Top speed of CBF 125" Written on: 21/12/2011 by funkybizkit (1 review written) Hey this is a great bike, here are my specs.

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Having had the CBR300R for 3 months now, its time to review the bike and compare it against the old CBF 125. First of all several people have commented on the appearance of the bike, the CBR300R is a very good looking bike in all the colours its offered in.

It’s bikes like Honda’s new CBF125 which are fuelling much of the growth (but superbikes are doing nicely, too), because they have fantastic fuel-economy figures.. reviews and features. View.

HONDA CBF 125 MEJORADA Affordable, light and agile, the 2013 Honda CBF 125 is ready to follow your lead with obedience. This compact motorcycle comes with a pretty sporty design language which underlines its nimble.

The 148bhp 899 costs £12,495, while the second-best selling bike for the month, Honda’s cbf 125 commuter, sells for £2,600. Panigale range had just gone on sale following positive reviews. We.

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With an immense specification as standard, the S1000RR comes. We have an excellent condition 2013(13) Honda CBF125 in black which has only had 1 mature owner and only covered 1365 miles. Comes with.

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