caliper slide pins

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at my local Ford dealer. Everything was OK including the brakes. However, I was then told that I should have brake caliper slide pins cleaned and lubed, and also have a brake fluid flush. Was this.

 · Here, I show how to get your caliper slide pin unstuck. Often times these slide pins will get stuck in the caliper bracket which can cause uneven brake pad wear. Click here to show thanks, and.

Your brake caliper guide pins allow your caliper to move freely to compress your brake pads. If these pins are not lubricated, it may cause your caliper to stick. This can compress the pads unevenly, causing wear. Poor braking or uneven wear on your pads are both signs that your caliper pins may not be properly lubricated.

So my question is – what would you recommend for use on the caliper slide pins? I have found videos online where the guy removes the caliper, brakes it down to all the pieces, washes the parts (including the rubber protections on the slide pins) with diesel fuel and then uses regular axel grease for putting everything back on.

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Inside the box with the like-new caliper assembly, you’ll find fresh sliding pins and any other hardware that should be. Lubricate the piston with clean brake fluid and slide it into the bore. Once.

bleeding motorbike brakes Adjust the brake lever so it is level. This helps the air bubbles rise to the top. Remove the bleed fitting screw with the 2.5 mm allen wrench. Thread in the Shimano brake bleed funnel and leave the plunger in. Fill the syringe with Shimano hydraulic mineral oil and place the syringe on the bleed nipple.

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1. Not cleaning the brake slides and hardware: Just slapping new pads where the old pads once resided never works.The slides and abutment clips should be cleaned and/or replaced.. 2. Not lubricating the guide pins: Caliper guide pins on floating calipers should be cleaned in solvent and new grease should be applied.

Problems to look for include caliper pins that are corroded, or ones that aren’t properly lubricated. Also, the pins could be stuck in the rotor or they won’t go in all the way after the pads have been replaced. The pins should be easy to take out with a screwdriver and a few light taps from a hammer.